Strictly Come Dancing host says Parisians are also rubbish dancers


Tess Daly is wary of French guys.

The Strictly Come Dancing host hasn’t had positive experiences with fellas from across the Channel.

‘French men are rampant and think they have the right to be with you,’ she says. ‘I was on the Paris metro and a couple of blokes grabbed me by the arm and demanded that I leave with them.

‘When I said “no” they got nasty so I had to give them a wallop.’

And Tess, 37, doesn’t rate Parisian men on the dance floor.

‘They have such a high opinion of themselves but they’re the worst dancers in the world,’ she tells the Daily Express. ‘You can’t fancy a bloke who can’t move.’

Tess wed Vernon Kay, 34, in September 2003. They have daughter Phoebe Elizabeth, 4, together and are currently expecting their second child.

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