Actress tells of practical jokes on Simon Pegg

Actress Thandie Newton has revealed her love of practical jokes.

She played a very dirty trick on Simon Pegg, her co-star in new movie Run Fat Boy Run.

‘One day, I covered Simon’s loo in Cellophane, and squashed up a Mars bar and left it in the bowl,’ Thandie, 34, tells The Independent.

‘Then I stole a pair of his pants and smeared them in Marmite so it looked like a giant skid mark and left them on the floor of his trailer.’

And Thandie didn’t stop there.

‘I bought two litres of vodka and replaced all his water,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘He is excruciatingly easy to do these things to.’

Thandie wisely didn’t try winding up the film’s director, former Friends star David Schwimmer.

‘She didn’t do anything to me,’ says David. ‘She knew who was in charge of her close-ups.’