Celebs are just like us when it comes to the party season and here’s how they cure their sore heads the next day...

The festive party season brings us fun parties, scrumptious canapés and lots of booze, but it also can bring us a sore head the next day. But celebs are no different and not even A listers are immune to the dreaded hangover.

So if you’re back at work today but still battling a NYE hangover, here’s how celebs such as Khloe Kardashian and Cameron Diaz perk up and manage to feel human again…

Gwyneth Paltrow’s hot and cold bath

Gwyneth’s method is definitely not for the faint of heart – she say’s her fool-proof cure is to ‘draw a bath that is as hot as you can handle it and mix in some Epsom salts and baking soda. Soak for 20 minutes and then pop into a freezing-cold shower for one minute.

She adds: ‘Get back in the hot bath and stay until you’re warmed up. Then get back in the shower for one more minute.’

Khloe Kardashian’s relaxing yoga

kangover cures

The famous Kardashian sister has transformed her fitness and diet regime in recent years and she insists exercise is a great way to cure your hangover.

‘The movement from the likes of yoga and Pilates will help to increase blood flow to all parts of your body, but importantly, your liver,’ she says.

‘The more blood that passes through, the quicker your liver can detoxify the alcohol. The sweating will help to eliminate the toxins through your skin!’

Erm…you might be on your own there Khloe!

Cameron Diaz’s McMuffin


The actress has a cure we can all relate to. She says: ‘I have an Egg McMuffin and a beer. You need to drink more of the alcohol you’ve killed yourself with—the classic hair of the dog.’


Pink’s beer for breakfast

Just like Cameron Diaz, Pink also recommends necking a bottle of beer – and the sooner the better!

‘Drink a beer as soon as possible. I used to be able to drink a bottle of wine and not get a hangover. Now, after two glasses, I have a headache,’ she says.

Julia Roberts’s champagne and carrot cocktail


The Hollywood star apparently swears by a combination of champagne and carrot juice. Which is what we imagine Bugs Bunny orders when he’s at a cocktail bar.

Prince Harry’s milkshake


The royal has enjoyed a few parties in his time and friends say his go to cure is a strawberry milkshake. We think you’re sweet enough Harry…

Hugh Grant’s spag bowl


We all know carbs are your friend when you’re hungover. And Hugh favours one dish most of all. He says: ‘After a night out on the town, I find a plateful of spaghetti bolognese works wonders for me.’

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Kate Winslet’s British cure


Kate’s cure is the most British we’ve ever heard. She says: ‘A sausage and bacon sarnie usually does it for me. I also have a big glass of orange juice and a sugary cup of tea.’

Renee Zellwegger’s fry up


Renee might actually be competition for Kate with her British hangover cure. The Texan says: ‘A full English breakfast is good, or beans on toast. That kind of food does the trick for me.’

Sounds right up Bridget’s street.