Here's how the domino effect of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone down so far

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge‘s taken over the celeb world! Everyone from Taylor Swift to Cara Delevingne‘s been dumping arctic-cold water on their heads before nominating a fellow star to do the same, all to raise awareness for ALS, a rare neurological disorder. The viral social media sensation has already raised more than £3.2 million for the charity, compared to £19,100 in the same period last year.

But with all the videos and nominations whizzing around the internet, we thought we should see exactly where the celebrity chain all began. Brrrr.

It all began with Justin Timberlake. I love how his crew’s buckets say, ‘Let’s Do This’:

Who challenged Jimmy Fallon. (But is it wise to throw water over your head while wearing a battery pack?)

Who challenged the American football team the New York Jets. The firehose was such a good idea!

Who challenged New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie. His kids Patrick and Bridget look like they’ve been waiting to do this for a long time:

Who challenged Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg – who looks like he’s been working out! Hopefully, someone will challenge him to wear a white t-shirt next time:

Who challenged Bill Gates. Can you imagine the pressure Bill‘s assistants were under to pull this stunt together in 24hrs?:

Who challenged Ryan Seacrest (who also should’ve been wearing a white t-shirt):

Who challenged Selena Gomez (who gets the award for best reaction):

Who challenged Suki Waterhouse – but Suki forgot to challenge someone else!

 Which celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is your favourite?