Lord Alan Sugar doesn't hold back when it comes to his views on the X Factor...

His surname may be sweet, but The Apprentice’s Lord Alan Sugar is rubbing salt into the wound today as he slams the X Factor show following a steep drop in their viewing figures, which are down a million from last week. Poor Simon Cowell!

Speaking to the Daily Mail about reality TV, the business mogul criticised the way the X Factor has developed over the years: ‘There’s a classic example of breaking it. If it is not broke don’t fix it. They are constantly coming up with gimmicks which take the mickey out of the public, and that’s reflected in their viewing figures which are going down.’


Not one to hold back, Alan continued to cut into the suspense and dramatic tension on the show: ‘I like to see the pathetic manner in which some of the judges try to create an air of jeopardy.’ GULP.

He finished by offering his own expertise: ‘They need a good lesson from me.’ Oh Lord Alan, if only we had your confidence!

Now at the forefront of the 11th series of The Apprentice, Lord Alan also has every confidence he would have come out top on the show of his creation, had he entered at 20: ‘I would have won it…unless Richard Branson or Philip Green was applying at the same time.’ Steep competition, eh!

He also went some way to defend his bluntness, a quality that is definitely shared by X Factor’s Simon Cowell: ‘Honesty is my best attribute. Absolutely. What’s on my lungs is on my tongue – I am not going to flower my words, I tell it like it is. Anyone who knows me in the world of business will tell you that I might be a tough person to deal with, but when I say I will do something then I will do it.’

We hope Simon appreciates your tough-love feedback, Lord Alan!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter