As he returns to Celebrity Big Brother see how his looks have developed


Calum Best has gone through quite a transformation since first appearing in the public eye.

Well, it’s no wonder. The son of late Northern Irish footballer George Best and model Angie Best, Calum has been famous since the day he was born on 6 February 1981.

Calum was an adorable youngster while growing up in LA. As the first gallery in our photo shows, he was a cherubic baby with a cheeky grin in 1982.

He sported blond hair as he grew up and started getting noticed for his handsome looks as a teenager, when he was signed as a male model.


In his early twenties, Calum relocated to the UK – where his mother was born – and became well-known for being a sexy party boy.

He first came to our attention with shoulder-length locks and a smouldering stare.

He styled his tresses in numerous different ways – in our photos, he slicks it back, tucks it behind his ears, rocks a sweeping fringe and pulls it into a tight ponytail.

But by 2004, Calum’s cut off his lengths and appears much more polished.

Often sporting a natural glow, he goes a little overboard in 2005 when he steps out at the London premiere of flick Be Cool with a VERY bronzed hue.

Unfortunately for Calum, his hairline begins to recede at 23. He’s snapped at the BT Digital Music Awards in 2008 with a noticeably-thinning shaven look.


In 2012, Calum has his first hair transplant and later undergoes more procedures.

‘I am so pleased I had it done. I was fed losing losing my hair and wanted to look good,’ he says.

Calum shocks fans in 2014 when he steps out with a bushy beard. He explains that he initally grew out his bristles for a film role but kept it when he realised it helped him get modelling and acting work.

However, he’s sporting a neat ‘do and a clean-shaven face by the time he enters the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015.

In June 2015 Calum headed back to Love Island, which he won ten years ago to show the lads a good time. ‘I was lucky enough 10 years ago to take part in the original Love Island, and I ended up winning it, so it was a great experience, great memories,’ he said of his experience.

Two years late his stints on reality continued as he returned to Celebrity Big Brother looking better than ever!