See how the actor's looks have developed

If there was an Oscar was cutest transformation, Leonardo DiCaprio would win hands down.

As our gallery and video shows, the star was an adorable youngster when he started getting roles in the early 1990’s. His blond locks were swept into fashionable curtains and he pulled a confident smile at the camera.


Leonardo soon becomes a recognisable face and he transformed his style for several different parts. In 1993’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – for which he received his first Oscar nomination – Leo is seen with a dirty face and unkempt hair. That same year, he sported a short quiff for This Boy’s Life. Originally appearing younger than his years, Leonardo was all grown-up and an official Hollywood heartthrob by the time he plays the tragic lead in Romeo + Juliet in 1996.

In 1997, he captured the hearts of millions when he becomes Jack Dawson in romantic flick Titanic. However, Leo wasn’t afraid to look a little less polished on screen. He grows his locks out numerous times, first rocking a chest-skimming ‘do in 1998’s The Man In The Iron Mask.

His mane was also long and unruly in movies Gangs Of New York and Django Unchained. Aside from altering the length, Leo has also dyed his bouffant various shades. In real life, Leonardo began to cut a manlier figure when he stepped out with a sprinkling of facial bristles at the London premiere of The Beach in 2000. He continued to experiment with carefully-trimmed goatees over the years but debuts a rather wild and bushy beard in 2014. He paired this controversial accessory with a greasy man bun. Later that year, his straggly chin fuzz become totally out of control. And since then, he’s continued to blossom.

Watch below to see how else Leonardo has changed his appearance over the years…