So much misplaced anger...


There are a lot of things to get angry about in this world: people walking too slow, holding the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you, giving more an inch of head on a pint of cider (all should be life sentences), but nothing seems to get people more riled up than the nation’s gameshow The Chase.

And if someone really wants to face the public’s wrath, all they have to do is pick a minus offer. Then all hell breaks loose. This is probably the reason why they stopped doing Golden Balls. So much anger.

Contestant Emma appeared on the ITV quiz show and picked the -£3000 while going against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, even though poor John had accumulated £33,000 to the potential winnings.

Emma, doing the dastardly deed of playing an early evening game show [ITV]

Emma, doing the dastardly deed of playing an early evening game show [ITV]


Unlike that politician you don’t like, Emma faced the full wrath of the British public, with even one telling her to ‘go straight to hell’. Jeez. It’s a harmless quiz show guys.

The angriest viewer said: ‘Burn in hell Emma you #spineless Witch! Hope you get caught! #TheChase #AnotherCoward’

Now that’s what we call #unnecessaryhashtags.

Another added: ‘Bet Emma feels like a right lowlife now #thechase’

This is a gameshow, right?

Despite everyone praying that they’d lose after that ultimate betrayal – even though that would mean dear John and Pat wouldn’t get any money – they managed to win a total of £39,000. This meant Emma went home with £13,000.

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It would be easy to say that this entire gameshow proves the bad guys win; if you’re selfish you can still get what you want.

But Pat and John were honest people who worked hard and got a massive reward. The good outweighs the bad – keep being good, because more people are good than bad. The Chase has proven it! Hurray!