This will definitely be controversial


How do you improve on The Chase, where four contestants fight against very angry quiz champions, with the option to either be a hero (get the higher figure) or be an absolute d*ck about it all (go for a minus number)?

Well, ITV are trying and along with the celebrity counter-part, the nation’s gameshow is bringing in a Family edition! Your family could all fight against The Chasers.

Imagine your dad taking a minus offer. Imagine all the times you forgot Father’s Day just disappear at once.

‘We’re looking for families for a brand new series of The Chase Family Edition!’ the producers said.


‘Has your family got what it takes to beat the Chaser?

‘Is Aunt Sue smarter than The Sinnerman? Is Dad man enough to bring down The Beast? Can Mum outrun The Vixen? Or could Gran measure up to The Governess?’



Strangely, they left out lawyer Shaun Wallace, better known as The Dark Destroyer. Dunno why they would do that.

‘Bring your family together and take down a Chase, come and have a go if you think your family are clever enough.’

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All those Christmases where the terrible decision to bang out Trivial Pursuit was made and your cousin ends up tipping the whole table over because goddammit why can’t he just land on the pink segment it’s your fault Caroline Christmas is ruined forever!

It’s going to be THAT but on live television. They should do a Jeremy Kyle follow-up.