This Chaser has set the record straight in the BEST way...


ITV quiz show The Chase sent fans into a bit of a tiz this week as many discovered that one of the show’s Chasers, Paul Sinha, is gay.

At the end of Tuesday night’s show the contestants celebrated as they won prize money of £10,000. And, having failed to stop their windfall, Paul – known as The Sinnerman – made a comment about why he didn’t get a crucial answer right.

‘My ex was obsessed with Mario Kart. He also told me that I didn’t pay enough attention. He’s been proved that he is right!’

You can watch the moment directly after the team’s win at the 4:22 mark here…

And it was just after that moment the internet started to react, with many taking to Twitter to react to what many termed The Sinnerman’s ‘coming out’ as gay.

One viewer wrote: ‘Apparently #PaulSinha from #TheChase came out as gay in today’s episode … #YouLearnNewThingsEveryday’

Another added: ‘OMG IS THE SINNERMAN GAY? #TheChase’

A third posted: ‘Is this your first show since coming out as a gay man?’

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However, it seems that this news wasn’t as new as people thought. Paul’s fellow Chaser Anne Hegerty also took to her social media account to add some humour to the moment.

And soon The Sinnerman himself took to his own account to react to the internet’s mini meltdown in the BEST way.

Reposting a story about his apparent ‘coming out’, the star jokingly wrote in a now-deleted tweet: ‘My wife’s gonna kill me.’

He went on to add that his point was ‘simply that this is extremely old news’, and even posted a link to a BBC story from 2006 that proclaimed: ‘A fixture on the London comedy circuit, the 36-year-old describes himself as “a gay man trapped in a straight man’s body – but not in a good way”.’

He continued to apparently allude to the situation with the witty tweet: ‘If a tree falls down in a wood, has it only happened if ITV broadcasts it many months later?

Followers of Paul loved this reaction and quickly the comments started to come flooding in! One woman responded with: ‘Wait are you saying your not a doctor or a stand up comic lol? #oldnews’.

Clearly Twitter has been just a tad slow in working this one out. But, we have to admit, the second episode of The Chase’s new series has definitely made it one to remember!

By Lois Pia North