Peter Andre's new daughter is born in Somerset

So 2013 may have been all about Prince George. But January 2014 has seen the arrival of the newest addition to Peter Andre‘s family – a daughter.

Peter has announced online: ‘Now that I have had the opportunity to tell Junior & Pringles , we are very happy to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby girl:) We are extremely thrilled and mum and bubba are doing fine. We are looking forward to a nice quiet couple of weeks getting to know our baby. Thanks to everyone at Musgrove Park Hospital :)))

Here’s the lowdown on all you need to know about the 40-year-old singer’s bundle of joy with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, 24.

The pregnancy

Pete and Emily announced that they were expecting their first baby together in July 2013, after dating for almost a year.

He’d originally planned to keep their happy news a secret for as long as possible, but he let the cat out of the bag when he couldn’t help stroking Emily‘s tummy at the Silver Clef Awards.

‘We were going to keep this to ourselves a bit longer,’ said Pete at the time.

‘But I’m happy to tell you that Emily and I are having a baby and we’re over the moon. She’ll make a brilliant mum.’

‘I’m overwhelmed. It came unexpectedly. But in my mind, having a baby is the same commitment as getting married. It’s a bond.’

Although Emily‘s had a relatively easy pregnancy, there was upset in the early stages when she was attacked by Twitter trolls claiming she’d made a mistake by getting pregnant so young.

There were also rumours that her family were less than happy about the news, something a source close to Pete strongly denied, saying: ‘He won’t let trolls ruin their relationship. Emily totally understands his celebrity status. She’s taken it better than him – she doesn’t let anything get to her.’

To add to her woes, despite looking gorgeous, Emily admitted in November that she’d taken to wearing tummy control pants because she felt like her blossoming belly was making her look ‘dumpy’.

‘It’s at that in-between stage where it doesn’t really look like a bump,’ she said. ‘I guess it sort of does, but it just makes me look kind of bigger.’

The nursery

Pete and Emily have been preparing the nursery for some time.

They’ve hired Pete‘s 60 Minute Makeover co-star, designer Ben Hillman to create the space, telling him to stick to a neutral theme as they don’t know the sex of the baby.

The cot will face a picture wall filled with photos of the family.

And as well a single bed, there will be an armchair and a TV so Pete and Emily can relax when they’re taking care of the nipper.

The couple have also splashed out on new clothes and toys, again opting for a neutral theme.

And Emily has even joked that they’ll be well prepared for baby No 2.

‘It’s nice to pick everything new. And you never know, if we have more, we’ll be ready!’

But, they won’t be rushing into it. ‘I’m not sleeping very well already, so I’m happy to leave it a few years,’ Emily says.

Third time lucky for Pete

Peter initially said he’d love another son, revealing: ‘If I really had the choice, it would be a boy – but Emily wants a girl.’

But it seems like Princess may have changed his mind – and she’ll be delighted about her new sister.

Junior is happy either way, but Pringles [Princess] says she won’t be happy if it’s not a girl,’ Pete explained before the birth.

‘If it’s a boy, she’s not changing nappies or doing anything. So now I’m like: “Please let it be a girl!”‘

Pete dotes on his children with ex-wife Katie – his dedication to them has landed him the Celebrity Dad Of The Year title twice (in both 2010 and 2011).

He’s made sure the cute twosome have been involved with the pregnancy every step of the way and has even explained everything from breast-feeding to nappies to them.

Thankfully, the kids get on brilliantly with Emily and Princess refers to her as ‘my best buddy’.

Now Pete feels the new baby will make their amazing bond complete.

‘This baby links Emily with the kids properly,’ he says.

‘Me being with her is one thing, but them having a half-brother or sister means they’re connected forever with her.’

Emily – who hopes the baby will one day be fluent in Greek, the language of Pete‘s parents – couldn’t agree more.

‘I feel like we’re a family,’ she adds.

‘I feel like the baby is part of the family already. It’s such a gift to be able to have kids and I’m really looking forward to it.’

Mum’s the word

As well as having a natural birth, Emily is planning to breast-feed.

But she’s told Pete she wants to get a breast pump so he can help out when she’s tired!

Pete‘s keen to be as hands-on as possible, but he’s respectful of Emily‘s wishes.

‘You’ve got to let the mum do what she wants,’ he says. ‘It’s a big thing.’

Emily‘s been taking driving lessons so that she has the independence to get to baby classes.

Christening plans

Even though Junior and Princess are yet to be christened, Pete has revealed that it is a possibility for his third child.

He says: ‘I wasn’t christened myself and neither were Junior and Princess. I don’t know if our new addition will be christened, but I think it’s a beautiful custom.’

If the new parents choose to pay tribute to Pete’s Greek roots and have a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, it will be a grand affair.

Usually the baby is dressed in a white sheet and blessed.

A lock of his or her hair is also cut to signify an allegiance to Christ in body, mind and soul, and a mass is then held in celebration.

Godparents play a big part in the ceremony.

Potential names in the frame for those duties include Pete‘s long-term friend and manager Claire Powell, as well as his siblings Chris, Danny and Michael.

The name game

Pete and Emily haven’t given any kind of hint about a name yet.

Pete says he loves regal names like Elizabeth. He also likes the idea of something biblical.

‘I think biblical names are great,’ he reveals. ‘Alexandra, Cleopatra… those are really nice names.’

Parenting plans

Although the baby will be Emily‘s main priority, she still intends to follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

She’ll return to her course towards the end of 2014 to do her residency.

‘My three-month placement will be in Taunton, near my parents’ house, so I can stay with them,’ she says.

A source adds: ‘She still wants to have a career as a doctor, so it’s unlikely she’ll be a stay-at-home mum.’

Emily‘s return to work will coincide with Pete‘s tour. But he’s said: ‘Between Emily, myself and her parents, we’ll be fine. And if we need extra help, we’ll get it.’

It’s thought that the pair will keep the youngest Andre out of the spotlight.

Emily‘s vetoed most photo shoots and Pete‘s even quit his reality show My Life because Emily didn’t want her pregnancy to be on camera.

He says: ‘I’m with someone who’s a lot more private so even though I’m public, you have to respect the other person.’

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