Oh, it’s just a little game of Kanye West vs. Jesus Christ in quotes…


It has emerged that last week Kanye West was once again lecturing at LA Trade Technical College as part of his 250 hours community service, where he speaks to students about his experience of the fashion industry.

We’re impressed. We want to be lectured by Kanye West, 37, on pretty much anything. Y’know because he’s so clued up and knowledgeable.

Just think of a world that didn’t have the leather jogging bottoms.

Or a world where there wasn’t just that one person who cared about Kim Kardashian‘s selfie book.

But most of all think of having to exist in a world where we couldn’t have Kanye‘s wise, wise words.

Many say he has got a God complex, and when he comes out with crackers such as: ‘I believe that bad taste is vulgar. It’s like cursing. I think the world can be saved through design, because what is the most distasteful thing someone can do? Kill someone. So, good taste is the opposite of that.’

And then creates words such as ‘dishumanise’. Well it makes it hard to disagree.

According to Mr. West’s own music, he IS a God, a prophet and a leader of men, he’s Yeezus. He even asked: ‘Don’t you think that one day I will be one of the characters of the modern bible?’

Well Kanye West, we’re not sure about that, but what we do know is that we have fun comparing things you said to what that Jesus Christ bloke said.

So who did say: ‘I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’ and: ‘I am a vessel and God has chosen me to be the voice and connecter’, Yeezus or Jesus?

Take a flick through our slide show and see if you can work it out…

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Lauren Franklin