Oh Jasmin, we love you but your X Factor audition hurt a bit…

Isn’t it exciting when two reality TV shows cross pollinate? Yes, is the answer, yes.

So you can imagine our absolute glee when TOWIEJasmin Walia tottered into her X Factor audition, looking like a shiny, glossy girl band warbler.

‘Will she make it through to the live finals?’ we joyously cried. ‘Will her X Factor journey be shown on TOWIE? Maybe Nanny Pat can make her a sausage plait to feed to Cheryl Cole! IMAGINE THE MONTAGES!’

However the minute the lovely Jasmin opened her mouth, our hopes and dreams were crushed flatter than her high notes.

Jasmin babes, we love you, you looked smokin’ hot, but damn your audition made us cringe.

So to celebrate/commiserate this, here are her five most cringe X Factor audition moments…

1. The judges didn’t know who she was

‘Do you have a job?’

‘Well I’m a reality TV star, I’m on The Only Way Is Essex.’

‘Oh I’ve never seen that.’

‘Have any of you seen it?’



2. The dance moves

‘Yeah I can dance a little bit,’ said Jasmin with the confidence of someone who can’t dance. She then did a series of moves that involved walking up and down and pointing her fingers. Better than our moves, but we can’t see them catching on.

3. ‘Without you it’s hard to surviiIIIIIVE’

Our eardrums are still angry with us for listening to her hit that high note a capella, they might not have survived.

4. ‘I think you’re comfortable singing along with something.’

Was this Mel B politely telling Jasmin to mime in future? Quite possibly yes.

5. The crying

No Jasmin please don’t cry, seeing you sad makes us sad and we don’t want that. Chin up love, Simon Cowell said you looked pretty. Enjoy that little compliment (until Sinitta hunts you down and whacks you with a palm leaf).


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Lauren Franklin