Uh-oh! Kelly Brook's fiance David McIntosh is already causing Celebrity Big Brother controversy

Hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned in to watch Kelly Brook‘s fiance David McIntosh enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Cheered on by fans as he swaggered on stage in a body-hugging black jumper and jeans, the former Gladiators star was doing oh so well…until he opened his mouth and caused a mammoth social-media backlash.

Twitter users were asking why on earth Kelly was with him and claimed he’d gone from ‘a 10 to a 4’ as soon as he opened his mouth.

So why did Twitter turn on David?

1. He describes himself as an ‘international heartthrob’. Excuse me?!
Promising to bring much-needed eye-candy to the show, David clearly thinks he’s the crème-de-le-crème of hot totty. Tip: keep those thoughts to yourself David.

2. His faux attempts at being posh
has already unveiled his irritating CBB catchphrase – ‘DELIGHTFUL!’. Is the born-and-bred Mancunian trying to shy away from his roots?

3. He talks…and talks…and talks
Seriously, does he ever shut up? Does Kelly Brook have hidden ear muffs? Will he lose his voice by day four after all that incessant chatting?

4. He unleashed a monster ego
‘People ask if I love myself, I like to say I appreciate myself,’ said David as he flicked through a topless calendar of himself. King David (his words, not ours) also admitted to asking a former lover: ‘Have you ever been with anybody as good looking as me?’

5. He thought he was too popular for CBB
Back in April David actually turned down offers to join the CBB
house. Sources claim that the 29-year-old believed he was ‘too famous’
for the show and was hoping to achieve world domination, rather than
simply a UK fan base.


Lucy Gornall

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