The Danish girl looks scarily like One Direction star Harry Styles - and now the internet is on a mission for the 1D singer to notice his doppelgänger

The internet has gone into full-on meltdown today after the ultimate Harry Styles look-a-like was unearthed.

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From the full lips and big blue eyes to the bushy brows and unruly locks, Harry’s doppelgänger looks spookily like the One Direction star.

And, perhaps even more weirdly, Harry’s ultimate look-a-like is a GIRL!

The girl – who hails from Denmark – is called Cecilie and is a massive One Direction fan, as her 1D-heavy Twitter feed proves.

Using the Twitter handle @myhazbaz and calling herself ‘Dips on Harry’, the young girl’s profile excitedly reads: ‘Seeing 1D with internetbesties in 24 days yay.’

And Directioners are on a mission to get Harry to notice his female spitting image using the hashtag #HarrysTwin.

One excited fan posted: ‘She looks like Harry OMFG!! Come on let’s get this hashtag trending! #HarryNoticeCecilie #Harrystwin’

Another added: ‘Help bring @Harry_Styles and @myhazbaz together! Cecilie is Harry’s doppleganger! Tweet this hashtag #HarrysTwin RT!’

Another wrote: ‘You know that God exists when he lets you look like Harry Styles!!!’

Now the over-excited fans are hoping that Cecilie might get the chance to meet her hero and freaky face double. But don’t doppelgängers die if they come face-to-face!? Save yourself, Harry!

After images of Cecilie went viral, she took to Twitter to thank everyone for their kind words.

‘I’m so tired. I think I’m going to bed ahah this day has been absolutely amazing and crazy you’re all so sweet! .x sleep tight,’ she wrote.

The 1D dead ringer added: ‘This day has been overwhelming and thanks for all of your sweet messages <3 i’d marry you all ahaha .x All the love as Harry would say!’

Check out the pictures of Harry’s girl twin Cecilie in the gallery above!