Actress Lucy Davis opens up about her eating disorder


The Office star Lucy Davis hasn’t binged or purged in 12 months and is attending Overeaters Anonymous.

After a kidney transplant in 1997, the steroids Lucy was prescribed made her gain a lot of weight and she began to starve herself for up to six days at a time.

‘All my life I’ve had an obsession with food and weight,’ confesses Lucy, 39.

‘I am fortunate to have had a lovely healthy childhood – but somewhere along the way I believed I wouldn’t be wanted anywhere or by anyone if I wasn’t thin.

‘I began to “diet” by starving myself for several days and then binge for a day afterwards.

‘I could go five or six days with no food, or just an apple.

‘On the seventh, I would eat a week’s worth in one sitting.’

In February 2011 after her she split with husband Owain Yeoman, Lucy made herself sick for the first time.

‘I only became bulimic shortly after my marriage ended,’ she tells The Independent.

‘It was quite shocking how quickly it took hold of me.’

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