People are not happy with The One Show


The One Show might normally be the least offensive show on TV but last night they evoked rage across the country as they held… a baby race.

Presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones were joined by Holly Willoughby who was promoting her new book, True Happy Baby, and decided to commemorate the event with a race of toddlers.

As it was the Euro 2016 football tournament, the babies dressed up in the various colours of the countries competing and quite like professional footballers, a lot of them burst into tears as they began the race.

However, the distress from the kids was too much for some viewers who took to Twitter to vent their rage at the segment.




One viewer said: ‘Baby racing on one show. Abusive and shocking. Perhaps bear biting next week.’

Whereas another added: ‘How are the one show thinking a baby race is an okay thing to do? These babies are fully screaming’.

A spokesperson for The One Show said: ‘This was a light-hearted item where four babies crawled for two metres towards their parents who greeted them with a big cuddle.’

Holly has recently opened up about how much she enjoys giving birth after three children.

The This Morning presenter told The Sun: ‘You only hear one side of the story and that’s not very helpful, and lots of women really enjoy it.

‘Don’t get me wrong, there is pain, but it is pain in a different way.

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‘I’ve never felt more alive than after I had given birth, and I don’t know what else compares to that.’

See, crying doesn’t always mean distress…