63 years of bossing it, 63 years of style. Yes Queenie!

The Queen has been on the throne for a whopping 63 years! We’re celebrating in the Now office by taking a look at some her most glorious style moments. Check out the gallery above and read through our reasons to why we think she looks so God darn good!

She totally met Angelina

Yes Jolie looks fit, she always does, but HRH is totes matching her in the style stakes with her light camel coloured number. We reckon (hope!) she made Angelina wear that complimentary Dove Grey, just so they’d match. Here’s how we reckon the letter went:

Dear Angelina,

You are invited by royal appointment to wear the shade ‘Dove Grey’ at our meeting on Wednesday at the palace/my crib.

Failure to comply with this request, will end in your head being firmly cut off.


Queenie. #DontShowMeUpBitch

She bosses it on a horse

Ahh she looks so adorbs on her pony. Her outfit choices are country chic perfection. Just look at her white jogpurs and burgundy boots. #NailingIt

We heart her fur trimmed coats

We love a bit of fluff in the Now office and so does the Queen, just check out how she’s working it with a camel coloured coat and her cream check with matching hat in the gallery above. Err how much do we want both?? A LOT!

Matching her umbrella her outfit

A yellow trimmed brolly to match her lemon coloured coat. No words. That there, is pure fashion genius.



She loves a bit of Boucle

Whether she’s out and about carrying flowers or meeting cool pups at Crufts, HRH makes Chanel style boucle look off the chart cool. Our fashion team is constantly looking in Zara for High Street copies of her terrifically trimmed cover-ups. Sometimes they come close, but HRH wins every time. Darn it!

When she whips out a cheeky print

Every now and again a little patterned number will sneak out underneath her dresscoats, showing she’s not scared to rock a pattern or two. We especially love it if a print makes to an actual coat. You heard it here first. The polka dot trend started here. Oh yeah, you know it!

She is not afraid of colour

Whether it’s lilac, green or bright red and blue, the Queen is more than happy to step out in a rainbow coloured hue. Go on with your bad self!

She’s the original festival Queen

Her Balmoral wardrobe would totally work at Glasto, those khaki cover ups and wellies would get everyone green with envy, geddit!

She would also totally cruise through that mud in her Land Rover. ‘They see me rolling, they hating!’

Lydia Anne Thompson