Fiancée Emily MacDonagh is desperate to wed, but Peter Andre is 'too busy' and STILL faces his court case with ex Katie Price


Last Christmas, Peter Andre‘s fiancée Emily MacDonagh was dreaming of being a 2015 bride, gushing: ‘I want to marry Pete next summer before I start work, which doesn’t leave much time to plan!’

But as the wedding season gets into full swing, there’s still no Andre-MacDonagh marriage in sight.

So what’s happened for the pair to postpone their nuptials? And does Pete still have unfinished business with ex-wife Katie Price to contend with?

Pete, 42, who popped the question to 25-year-old Emily on New Year’s Eve in 2013, has said in the past he only wants to be engaged for a maximum of two years and that deadline’s fast approaching.

Talking marriage in December, he revealed: ‘Emily wants to do something very soon. Words can’t explain how stunning a bride she’ll be. Princess is going to be a flower girl and Junior a page boy.’

Despite Emily’s keenness, it sounds like Pete could be putting business before his nuptials, saying of his hectic schedule last month: ‘My manager rang me and said: “It’s going to be your best year yet.”

‘So there are some incredible things coming up this year that I didn’t even think would happen. It’s all happened within a space of a few weeks. I’m very lucky.’

Now‘s checked Pete’s diary and found he has appearances set at The Perfume Shop to promote his new fragrance Breeze on 6 June and 7, 8 and 12 August. He’s also performing at the Hampton Court Palace Festival on 20 June and at PennFest in Buckinghamshire on 19 July.

A source close to Pete says: ‘Everything, like the wedding, is up in the air as Peter’s so busy. He’s been in Spain working and is off to Africa for a project next. He’s just finished one TV show and is starting another soon. There are offers from all over the world. It’s going to be one of his busiest years yet.’

Pete’s also house hunting. He recently put his six-bedroom Surrey mansion – which featured in his reality series My Life – on the market for a whopping £1,695,000.

He’s now looking for a marital home big enough for both him and Emily and his kids Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, from his marriage to Katie Price, and his 16-month-old daughter Amelia with Emily.

Rumours that Pete’s set to compete on Strictly Come Dancing this year could be a further reason the wedding’s on hold. He’s reportedly turned down the show four times due to his busy schedule.

‘I think Strictly’s a really good show,’ he said in 2013. ‘I really like it but it’s quite a few months you have to do it for. But I’d love to do a show like Strictly one day.’

But there could be an even bigger reason Pete and Emily haven’t pinned down a date. According to our sources, another spanner in the works is Peter’s ongoing court case with ex-wife Katie, who he split from in 2009.

Their legal battle has rumbled on since 2012, with Katie, 37, seeking damages from Pete and her ex-manager Claire Powell ­- who still represents Pete – for misuse of confidential information.

Katie alleges details of her private life were leaked to the press, causing her severe distress. Pete and Claire both deny the claim.

But while Katie is adamant proceedings should press on, sources say Pete’s dreading the past being dredged up.

‘Pete would like it sorted,’ says our insider. ‘Katie knows people haven’t got the highest opinion of her compared to “Saint Peter”. If anything, she’s expecting to win people over with her courtroom revelations.

‘Pete keeps hoping the end’s in sight, but then it still drags on. It’s all in the hands of lawyers, which isn’t only time consuming, it’s costing an absolute fortune in legal fees.’

Katie’s already committed hundreds of thousands of pounds to the case, as she is, according to sources, ‘absolutely hellbent on getting the truth out at last’ regardless of the cost. She’s even agreed to pay a further £200,000 towards the trial, which is set to take place over 10 days towards the end of the year.

Another source says: ‘A lot of allegations could come out in court. In particular, Katie’s sick of Pete alluding to the ‘dark secret’ behind their split.’

In 2011, Pete said: ‘I was shown a newspaper interview my ex-wife did, where she said that if it hadn’t been for the cameras filming us and a certain person [believed to be Claire], then our marriage would have lasted much longer.

‘I nearly choked on my breakfast! Kate knows the reason why our marriage didn’t last and she knows it has nothing to do with TV cameras or anything to do with my management.’

So could the legal showdown finally shed light on why they split?

Pete’s rep tells Now: ‘We’re still unsure when the court case will happen but this is not affecting the wedding.’ Meanwhile, Katie’s spokesperson has declined to comment. But sources say the former glamour model doesn’t see why Peter is delaying his nuptials.

‘She thinks if he wants to tie the knot, he should go ahead and do it,’ says our insider. ‘She’s had two marriages since they split.’

She’s got a point. Katie wed Alex Reid in 2010, and recently renewed her vows with third husband Kieran Hayler in March. Come on, Pete. Get a move on!

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