Mollie can't help but react to harsh online comments

Saturdays star Mollie King is a gorgeous preppy-loving, sky-high-heel wearing fashionista. 

But, like every celeb, she has to deal with snarky comments online. The Twitter barbs can really hurt so the singer tries not to read them.

‘I’ve trained myself to not look too much because you can actually get quite upset about certain things,’ Mollie, 26, admits.

‘I’ve had negative comments for sure. I’m not too strong in that way, so I’d rather not read it than read it and get upset. I’d rather turn a blind eye.’

Mollie, who is hosting five fashion shows at Bullring Birmingham this month, believe that concentrating on the good things in your life defeats the trolls.

‘Focus on your friends and family and people that do love you,’ she says. ‘Everyone has someone out there that will at some point be negative towards them, that’s just life.

‘I’ll get the odd nasty Tweet like, “I hated what you wore” or “I hate that song.” You can’t win them all. There are plenty of nice Tweets too, thankfully!’

Mollie presents The Show: Ten at Bullring on 28 September (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm).


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