Gorgeous Mollie King has body hang ups like the rest of us!

Mollie King might be a pin-up member of The Saturdays but she doesn’t always feel good about herself.

The pretty singer admits that she often worries about showing her body off in skimpy swimwear.

‘When it comes to holiday time and I’m getting into a bikini, I definitely have the same insecurities as every girl,’ says Mollie, 27.

‘I’d rather get my legs out than my tummy. I try to work with my better parts.

‘There are parts of my body where I think, “Oh God, I could do with toning that up,” or when I’m putting an outfit on and think, “I’d rather cover that bit up.”‘

Occasionally Mollie joins her bandmates for a workout, especially if The Saturdays are going on the road.

‘Because of the tour, we’re all in the mindset of “let’s keep fit for it”,’ she explains.

‘I’m really focused for the tour. I don’t really keep it up throughout the year.’

Mollie is in great shape but it seems that there have always been a few things she’d like to change about her figure.

Back in 2012, the singer confessed that she’d love a body like Beyonce Knowles‘.

The Saturdays singer is reasonably happy with her physique most of the time but envies the American star’s sexy shape.

‘I look in the mirror and see things I need to work on,’ said Mollie. ‘I’d love to have curves like Beyoncé‘s, and a nice booty.

‘I don’t have any major hang-ups and it’s not like I go to bed crying about it, but there are things I would change.’

Mollie – who is dating her ex David Gandy again – has a personal trainer to keep in shape but admits that she loves to indulge in downtime treats.

‘I snack on salty popcorn in front of the TV,’ she previously revealed. ‘Indian is my fave food and Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream for something sweet.’

Ooh, when are we coming for dinner?! 

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