The Script's hunky Danny O'Donoghue is on the lookout for love

Danny O’Donoghue from The Script may have left The Voice but he’ll still have his eye on it every now and again for one reason… Rita Ora.

The lads are gearing up for Christmas and revealed just who they want to get cosy with this festive season.

After his stint on the TV sining competition, Danny is back with bandmates Mark Sheehan, 38, and Glen Power, 34. Now meets the boys and finds out how they’ll be looking for love this December.

Do you guys get jealous of Danny being the band’s heartthrob?

G: Absolutely! It hurts me all the time!

M: We knew when we were getting into this that the frontman was always going to get a certain amount of…

D: PUSSY! [All burst out laughing]

Do you guys get a lot of groupies?

D: We’ve had mothers banging on our hotel-room doors at 2am, shouting: ‘All my daughter wants is an autograph!’ Then you look through the spyhole and they’re alone, pushing their tits up…

M: The mothers are the worst! Even when they find out I’m married, they’re still straight
in, having a go.

So who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?

D: Anyone with a heartbeat!

M: I’m a married man, so the mistletoe is gone for me now.

D: Rita Ora! That’s who I’ll kiss under the mistletoe.

Oh! What if you bump into her soon, then?

D: I don’t mind.

M: Take some mistletoe with you! [Laughs]

Will you be watching her debut as a coach on The Voice?

D: Probably not, I’ll be on tour when it’s on – but I’ll try to iPlayer it to see how she is.

Those boys don’t mince their words!

The Script’s new single No Good In Goodbye is out now

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