It's time for the MTV Video Music Awards. Remember when these crazy things happened?

The MTV Video Music Awards are back with a bang. Yay!

To be fair, we’re not too bothered about who wins. All we care about is who will shock our socks off.

Here are our Top 10 VMA moments – in no specific order – ‘cos how could we choose?!

1. MadonnaBritney and THAT lesbian kiss

What started as a star-studded Madonna medley in 2003, ended with some girl-on-girl lip locking. It was sexy from the start with thigh high boots, slut drops and garters. And the shot of Britney and Madge made headlines around the world. As did the look on Brit’s ex Justin Timberlake‘s face. And everyone forgot Madonna had kissed Christina Aguilera first! Oops… 

2. Kanye West steals Taylor Swift‘s thunder

Poor Taylor Swift. After accepting her VMA in 2009, Kanye stormed the stage to deliver yet another rant. Grabbing the singer’s mic, Kanye declared, I’m sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time’. Er rude! We weren’t the only ones cringing- Bey later welcomed Taylor on stage, allowing her another moment’. Phew!

3. Miley’s twerking

Miley Cyrus’ sexually-charged performance with Robin Thicke put her in a whole new light. Twerking and tongue wagging – all while wearing a nude, lycra two-piece – meant 2013 was the year when parents FREAKED about Hannah Montana.

4. Prince‘s cheek

Donning a yellow lace tuxedo, American singer Prince shocked viewers in 1991 when he spun around to reveal his bare bottom. Yup, a strategically placed hole in an otherwise ordinary suit. Normal.

5. Beyonce reveals her baby bump

Was Beyonce expecting? Would there be tiny Jay-Bey feet pattering around soon? Rumours were confirmed during her stunning 2011 VMA performance when the bootylicious singer held her ever-so-slightly bump and beamed. Blue Ivy was fo’ real.

6. Gaga goes gaga

Lady Gaga definitely made her mark on the 2009 VMAs with her totally out-there Paparazzi performance. Forgettable is NOT the word. As she violently threw herself around the stage wearing, er, not very much, the singer had fake blood pouring from her chest and a tear-strained face.

7. Lil Kim wears lil’ clothes

Jaws dropped when rapper Lil Kim turned up at the 1999 VMAs with her left boob on show. Kim did maintain some dignity by covering her nipple with a small stick-on, fabric shell. Delightful!

8. Michael Jackson rocks our world

The 2001 VMAs was EPIC as the legendary Michael Jackson took to the stage with old-school boyband, ‘NSync. While MJ body-popped and Justin Timberlake beat-boxed, the world watched in amazement.

9. Gaga‘s edible outfit.

There’s sexy, there’s revealing and there’s smart. And then there’s Lady Gaga’s 2010 meat dress. Crafted from cuts of beef, the interesting ensemble gained massive media attention and infuriated animal rights organisations. Insiders confirmed that the dress didn’t smell at all. Oh, that’s OK then.

10. Britney’s jungle accessory

In 2001 Brit showed us her wild side. During her I’m A Slave For You performance, the singer was handed a HUGE yellow python, placed casually around her neck. The result? An iconic image that still makes headlines to this day. Rather you than us, Britney!

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