From superstitions to playing for England, here are some surprising facts about new Strictly star Mark Wright…

Fake tan and sequins at the ready – Mark Wright will be sashaying on Strictly and we can’t wait.

So to celebrate the fact that Mr. Wright will be showing us his best moves on a Saturday night, here are seven facts about the TOWIE hottie that we reckon you don’t know…

1. He’s really superstitious
‘My most annoying superstition is touching wood – every bit of wood I go past,’ he told us. ‘And if I’m near trees that means it’s fresh wood so [I do it even more] Michelle hates it.’ Um yeah, we’re not surprised.

2. He played football for England
Yup, before Mark Wright was TOWIE‘s most loveable bad boy he was a footballer. On 26 September 2008 he was selected to play in the C team against Bosnia. He was on the pitch for 55 minutes, but unfortunately defeated 6-2. Ouch.

3. His earliest memory is being in a pram
‘My earliest memory is being pushed to the library in a double pram by my cousin with my sister, I must have been about four,’ he told us. Aww, buba Mark.

4. He would NEVER ditch a date with Michelle to hang out with David Beckham
Yup even though Becks is his hero, Mark says he’d never cancel on his girl to hang out with him.

5. He only looks in the mirror twice a day. Ahem
‘I look in the mirror in the morning and before I go to bed to look how bloated I am. Then if I go past one I might have a cheeky look. But probably about twice a day,’ he confessed to us. Sorry Mark, but we think you’re lying.

6. If he could replace a member of One Direction…
‘I’d chose Harry,’ he told us. ‘He’s just getting too cool and I need him to slow down.’

7. He was best man at Jade Goody’s wedding
Mark is best friends with the late reality star’s husband Jack Tweed. The couple married in February 2009 exactly one month before Jade died.

So there you have it, seven secrets about Mark Wright we bet you didn’t know. Now go get ‘em on the dance floor tiger!

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Lauren Franklin