The Valleys stars get their revenge on Amy Childs for her criticism of their show

Amy Childs has said before that cruel comments about fillers she had done were hurtful, so she won’t be happy when she reads what some of the stars of The Valleys have been saying.

‘She was so mean about us. She said that we were like a cheaper version of Geordie Shore or something. She’s only 22 and, no offence, but have you seen all the surgery she’s had?’ Nicole Morris from the MTV Welsh reality show says.

‘She looks like Pete Burns. She slags off reality shows when that’s where she started,’ adds Leteysha Grace.

Ex-TOWIE star Amy, 22, has vowed not to have fillers again after she didn’t like the look she got from a previous treatment.

It’s not the first time she’s been hurt over comparisons with the Dead Or Alive singer.

‘Everyone noticed my lips were bigger when they saw me on the show, saying they were pumped up,’ she said after having fillers.

‘People said I looked as bad as Pete Burns, which really upset me. I’m a normal girl so to hear that really hurt.’

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