Ooh! Marvin Humes REALLY lusted after wife Rochelle Humes during her pregnancy

Whilst some men might be shocked by the changes in their wife’s body during pregnancy, lovely Marvin Humes was the complete opposite.

The presenter and DJ admits that he couldn’t get enough of wife Rochelle, 25, when she was expecting their daughter Alaia-Mai, even during the last few weeks before she gave birth.

‘I loved Rochelle when she was nine months pregnant,’ says Marv, 29.

‘I loved every part of it, especially when her boobs got massive. That was good, but then I wasn’t allowed to touch them.

‘That was the worst part of being the husband of a pregnant woman.’

Cheeky! It’s clear that Rochelle‘s blossoming body had a massive effect on Marvin.

‘I found her really sexy,’ the former JLS star explains. ‘I was really attracted to her for the whole pregnancy.

‘Some men get a bit weirded out by it, but I didn’t at all.’

It sounds like the couple made the most of Marvin‘s, er, affections and enjoyed a healthy sex life whilst Roch was expecting.

‘He was definitely not scared about [having sex during pregnancy]…,’ quips Rochelle. Ooh-er!

Since Alaia-Mai was born in May 2013, Marvin has continued to make Rochelle feel good about herself and her figure.

‘For the first couple of months, I didn’t feel remotely sexy,’ says Rochelle. ‘But Marvin was so good because he always makes me feel nice.

‘I was really leaning on him. I remember once I got out the shower and he said: “What do you want for breakfast?” and I just wailed at him: “Cereal!”

‘He was like [whispers]: “Er, OK, you can have some.”‘We’re not surprised that she feels good when lovely Marv – who is currently presenting the latest series of The Voice with Emma Willis – admits that he adores ‘everything’ about his missus.

‘I don’t know if I can pinpoint one thing,’ he told Fabulous Magazine. ‘I find lots of things very attractive about my wife.’

Men everywhere, take note!

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