The Voice winner Stevie has revealed how Ricky Wilson helped him through the show

His debut single is currently storming up the iTunes chart after he was named winner of The Voice on Saturday – and Stevie McCrorie has one man in particular he’d like to thank.

And that’s his coach and newfound friend, Ricky Wilson.

Not only did the Kaiser Chiefs frontman guide Stevie to success on the show, he also spotted he was struggling and went above and beyond to help him.

The Scottish singer tells us: ‘I’ve never been the most confident person and Ricky could see I was struggling with the whole thing and said “here’s my number, text me with anything you need.”

‘I was performing on The One Show on Monday and he just decided to come with me, even though he didn’t have to. I can’t get rid of him!’ Stevie then joked. ‘We’re good friends now.’

Despite his obvious good looks and ridiculous amounts of talent, we knew there was another reason we loved Ricky so much. And I think we’ve just found it.

While discussing the rumours Ricky has potentially reunited with his ex Lesley Williams following their recent split, after our source spotted him cosying up with a brunette beauty who looked like his ex over the weekend, Stevie couldn’t contain his excitement for his pal.

‘Oh amazing if they have [got back together], unless it was another girl!’ He joked. ‘I’ll need to speak to him about that once he’s back from his holiday.’ 

WATCH Stevie reveals 5 things you never knew about him below: 

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Joshua Fox