The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole eating lots of puréed grub


Cheryl Cole is on personal trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson‘s cleanse diet, sources tell Now

As part of the regime, the Girls Aloud singer has been consuming puréed ‘baby food‘ ahead of intense daily workouts.

‘On the diet you eat baby food, such as apricot and sweet potato or asparagus, carrot and orange all puréed together, 14 times a day,’ says our source. 

‘In the evening you have a light meal, such as grilled chicken or fish with green veg.

‘The baby food is a mix of carbs and proteins but with “good fats” and no salt or sugar. It’s all totally healthy.’

Tracy, 36, is also helping to give Cheryl, 27, an A-list bodyover’ in time for the launch of the US X Factor later this year.

‘She’s only 5ft 3in,’ adds our insider. ‘She wants to change the shape of her legs to look longer, so Tracy is working to get them more like dancer’s legs.’  

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