There ain't no drama, like some X Factor drama

The new series of the X Factor may soon be approaching, but last years lot are proving themselves to be quite unforgettable. Literally.

With no reality show or singing competition being complete without the odd romance (or drama), Only The Young beauty Betsy-Blue English couldn’t help but gush about her fairy tale romance with Stereo Kicks singer Casey Johnson.
After their relationship was revealed on Celebrity Juice last week where Casey shown off his tattoo tribute to his Betsy bae, the blonde stunner spilled all their secrets to us during the Stereo Kicks show at O2 Academy Islington last night.
‘I’m so happy people finally know,’ Betsy beamed. ‘We first got together six months ago at the start of The X Factor and was advised not to tell anybody. It’s been so hard keeping a secret, we just wanted everyone to know.’ 
Where as fans don’t usually take too kindly to pop star romances (Hazza Styles and Tay Swift anyone?) – it seems fans are happily shipping their dating rather than doing any hating.
‘All our fans have took it quite well, which is great. They’ve been chanting my name here tonight, and we’ve had no hate.’ the 18-year-old explained. ‘I’m just happy we can finally post selfies together!’ 
Which is basically the most accurate way to define any modern day romance.
If it doesn’t exist on social media, is it even a thing? Quick answer: No
Where as Betsy may be getting her happy ever after with the Stereo Kicker, someone that won’t be is their former mentor Louis Walsh who the eight piece boyband have swiftly sacked from taking care of their career. 
As they announced the details of their debut single release Love Me So, member Tom Mann revealed: ‘I’d be lying if I said I wish we were still with Louis. If I’m honest then I’d say we’re glad to be away from him.’ 

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