Reject wants to be as big as Whitney

Rachel Adedeji told Phil and Holly on This Morning she thinks the Dead Lock rule on The X Factor was fair – despite leaving the competition because of it.

Simon Cowell had the deciding vote when Rachel and Lloyd Daniels, 16, were in the final two yesterday

But he used the Dead Lock rule to allow the public vote to decide who went.

‘I think it was only fair that he took it to Dead Lock,’ said Rachel, 17. ‘I mean, if anything he could be doing me a favour. This is not the end for me!

‘I’ve had fun. I’m just going to keep singing – I was born to sing, so any opportunity that comes my way I’m just going to take it.

‘Whenever I think about Whitney Houston‘s kind words about me I smile – seriously, I don’t care what the public think – Whitney knows man!

‘I want to be as big as Whitney, so to hear Whitney say things like that is amazing.’

It was the third time Rachel had been in the bottom two.