The X Factor star eats some VERY yummy food and still stays so slim!

We’re lovin’ Louisa Johnson on this year’s The X Factor and it’s not just because she has a totally phenomenal voice – she’s also got a stunning figure.

Yes, it’s safe to say we’re intrigued as to Louisa’s health, fitness and diet regime.

So, what does Louisa eat to maintain her super slim figure? Errr, pizza.


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Yes, pizza. Louisa took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a photo of a cheese-laden pizza before it was cooked in the oven.

Next to the photo 17-year-old Louisa wrote: ‘Homemade pizza and that.’

Mmmm, we’re a bit hungry looking at this concoction which appears to be a Hawaiian pizza judging by the ham slices and pineapple chunks in the background.

Looks pretty fun in The X Factor house we reckon!

Louisa is a fan of tasty treats and when Now headed to The X Factor to speak to the star, we caught her munching on a McDonalds meal inbetween rehearsals.

McDonalds AND pizza? How on earth does Louisa’s midriff continue to stay so flat? It’s a question that will forever linger in our minds…

Louisa has been wow-ing the judges over the past few weeks on the ITV reality show with her show-stopping voice but has revealed that her age is a bit of a burden.

She revealed: ‘I turn 18 in January. At the moment in the X Factor house I’m not even allowed out to the shops on my own – I have to stay in.’

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Louisa added: ‘Even if I want to go home, it has to go through loads of people. ‘It’s not about wanting to drink alcohol. I’m not bothered about that. If I won the show I’d want to move out and live on my own and be my own person.’

Not long till January, Louisa!