The X Factor finalists Reggie 'N' Bollie talk exclusively to Now about their incredible journey...

Has it surprised you just how much people love you?

R: We didn’t expect this much love from the public. We’re not doing anything extraordinary but people connect with us. We’ve got haters, too, but we laugh about it.

Has it changed your life?

B: Months back, we were struggling. Now, when we step out, people recognise us and they love us for what we’re doing.

R: Just normal school runs with our kids have changed into autograph-signing days.

Has it been difficult being apart from your kids for so long?

R: It has… Yesterday, when I was leaving, my kids were crying because they want to be with their father but we need to better our families’ lives.

B: They miss us so much. When I leave, they go: ‘How many more weeks left, Daddy?’ We’re doing this for them.

Has Cheryl been a good mentor?

R: She’s amazing. When you see her on TV, you know she’s nice but when you have that one-to-one she’s even nicer. She’s so kind…and incredibly beautiful!

R: Yes. God created her on a Sunday afternoon after he’d rested! He made sure the angels were checking every detail. A lot with people are very concerned that she looks too thin. Do you feel sorry for her?

R: Cheryl taught us: ‘Don’t pay attention to any negativity,’ so we don’t. She’s a beautiful person and when people complain or say stuff it’s their own opinion.

B: We only feed on positive vibes – we don’t feed on negativity. We don’t pay attention.

Have you got any plans for Christmas yet?

R: Just a nice Christmas for our family and friends – the people who’ve been there along our whole journey. They were there for us when we had nothing.

Are you looking forward to the X Factor tour?

R: Yes. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’ve seen how this show has made great artists like One Direction and Leona Lewis, and we can be great, too.

What will you spend your first pay cheque on?

R: We’ll donate at least 10 per cent of it to a children’s charity close to us. We’ve always said that’s what we’d do, wherever our first pay cheque came from.

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