So just who is the most confident Made In Chelsea cast member? Three guesses!

Four of the hottest Made In Chelsea cast mates, Spencer MatthewsOliver ProudlockBinky Felstead and Lucy Watson have their very own DVD MIC: FIT out now. Whoohoo, let’s all get buff Chelsea style. 

What with them all having totally enviable bods and being bonafide fit people now, we thought we’d get them together to find out just who they think is the hottest out of the four of them. There are no surprises for who doesn’t suffer many anxieties out of this lot…

You’re all well fit, but who would you say was the most body confident out the four of you?

Binky: Well it’s definitely not me.

Proudlock: Lucy? Lucy loves taking selfies.

Lucy: So do you! What’s the difference between taking it of yourself and having someone else take it of you? More effort is made to involve someone else. I have seen you put up photos before, it wasn’t a photo shoot.

Proudlock: Oh really? Have you been stalking my Instagram?

Binky: Clearly it’s Spencer!

Spencer: Yeah! I would agree with that. Well, definitely more than the girls, because they’re definitely insecure all the time about their bodies. And Proudlock does love the gym. I do too but he is quite obsessed. His worst nightmare would be if someone slipped a carb into his meal. He’d have a real whinge about it. But I’m a bit more balanced.

Are there any parts of your bodies you feel insecure about?

Lucy: I find that if I eat a lot or drink more in one week my weight goes to my legs and my bum which sometimes I like, as I like having curves, but if you’re not working out at the same time then it can get a bit much I think. Don’t want to be too pear-shaped.

Proudlock: My favourite is probably my abs. I’d say my least favourite are probably my legs, because I’ve got very skinny legs.

Binky: I like my legs – my hips, not so much.

Spencer: Feeling insecure is not really my thing. It’s just time wasted, isn’t it? There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I think I’ve always been a confident kind of guy and I don’t let small things trouble me too much.

Who are your body inspirations? 

Lucy: Jessica Alba, because she’s had kids and she’s still in great shape and you know she’s really healthy- she’s got the whole Honest company, she’s into her nutrition, her health and working out.

Proudlock: The Victoria’s Secret girls…

Binky: Cheryl Cole has an amazing body.

Spencer: Brad Pitt’s a bit of a looker, isnt he? He’s got a pretty good chassis on him. Ryan Gosling… he looks pretty good I must say! 

MIC:FIT is out now on DVD and Digital HD through Universal Pictures