The one and only Bonnie Langford is joining EastEnders as Kush’s mum


Just when we thought the plotline of Kush and Shabnam‘s relationship on EastEnders couldn’t get more outrageous, actual Bonnie Langford has gone and joined the cast as Kush‘s mum!

After putting all of their relationship drama behind them, Kush and Shabnam decided it was about time they settle down and get engaged. Of course, this involves meeting the family. So Shabnam tries to put her attitude to one side and nervously goes to meet Kush‘s mum.

EastEnders viewers have never before seen Kush‘s mum – and for good reason, as it turns out she’s 80s superstar Bonnie Langford!

Bonnie – who is best known for her role as Mel Bush in BBC series Doctor Who throughout the mid 1980s, plus her broadway performances and appearance on Dancing On Ice – plays Carmel and pops to Albert Square to visit son Kush and his wife-to-be.

But with so much drama between Kush and Shabnam recently, as well as Shabnam‘s notoriously frosty attitude, will Carmel warm to Shabnam and accept her as her future daughter-in-law? Nah! We reckon Bonnie Langford is a hard woman to impress.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, executive producer for EastEnders, said about her addition to the cast: ‘Bonnie brings wit, pathos and a touch of class to Carmel Kazemi – a thoroughly modern Essex divorcee who isn’t quite ready to cut the apron strings firmly attached to her son Kush.

‘Even if it means clashing spectacularly with an already prickly Shabnam.’

It was recently revealed that Kush will kiss Shabnam‘s best friend Stacey Slater during an episode airing on 21 May, after the EastEnders lad gets sick of Shabnam‘s frostiness and her pressuring him into marriage.

While we doubt this is going to end well, Kush will introduce Shabnam to his mum (I know we’ve already said it but: OMG Bonnie Langford!) just one week later, in an episode airing 26 May.

We’re not sure WHAT is going to happen with this whole debacle, but knowing EastEnders, we don’t think the ending will be too rosy.

Watch out, Shabnam – the last thing you want to do is upset a legend.

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Kim Gregory