Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James confirms Mr Grey is ready to tell HIS side of the story now

Our inner goddess just did a somersaut. Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James announced this afternoon that there WILL be a new book in the series, all told from Christian Grey’s perspective.

And just to get us even MORE excited she also revealed a picture of the book’s cover. The new novel, simply titled Grey, will be out on 18 June. And if you’re a mega fan of the book you’ll already know why they’ve chosen that date – it’s Christian’s birthday.

The best-selling author reveals she chose to write the book based on popular demand.

She writes in the opening pages: ‘This book is dedicated to those readers who asked…and asked… and asked… and asked for this.’


EL James added: ‘Christian is a complex character, and readers have always been fascinated by his desires and motivations, and his troubled past. Also, as anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story. It’s been a great pleasure to return to my happy place — writing, being with Christian and Ana in their universe, and working with the fantastic team at Vintage.’

Fans of the trilogy have already had a bit of an insight into what Chritian’s viewpoint might be like – the final book closes with his perspective on the moment he first met Ana Steele.

But we reckon their love story will be even filthier – and more romantic – when told through Mr Grey’s eyes.

Eitherway, we’re predicting a riot on 18 June. Twitter immediately went into meltdown as soon as the news was announced: