Sexy daytime star Melanie Sykes opens up about how she was attacked on line by internet ghouls!

Melanie Sykes has revealed that she was devastated when online trolls attacked her after she posted a saucy pic online.

The gorgeous TV star, 43, told Now exclusively that she was horrified by the barrage of abuse she received.

‘I just Tweeted one shot of myself from a photo-shoot and just wanted to Tweet a behind-the-scenes shot of myself,’ she explains.

‘I got abuse which really annoyed me. They [the trolls] were such ****s, that’s what I call them, they were total ****s for what they said.

‘The thing is, I wasn’t trying to say: “Look at me look how great I am, how good do I look in this underwear?” The whole nation would have seen that shot in the magazine I was shooting for, so I didn’t see anything wrong with it.’

And we can’t blame Mel – just check out her amazing bod in these
stunning Ultimo shots, we totally understand exactly why she Tweeted the pic.

But Mel says she works hard to maintain her superfit bod! 

‘I have an athletic body. I like to
train five times a week if I can for around 45 minutes each time.

‘Some days I’ll go and I’ll cycle or do the cross-trainer, some days I’ll do an hour of cardio or box. I I love pounding away at the punchbags…’

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