Helen Flanagan's been left heartbroken by allegations her man's cheated. Here, the girl at the centre of it all exclusively tells her side

She’s been branded a ‘home wrecker’ and ‘bitch’ by Helen Flanagan‘s fans on Twitter after receiving sex texts from the ex-Corrie star’s bloke Scott Sinclair, 24.

But here, Donatella Panayiotou begs Helen to understand that far from her being the baddie, it was him who behaved disgustingly after they met on holiday earlier this month.

Last week, Helen, 22, moved out of the £2.2 million Cheshire mansion she shared with her footballer boyfriend of four 
years after hearing the cheating allegations.

In an emotional open letter over the page, Donatella, 29, a music presenter for Sky, breaks her silence for the first time and promises to tell Helen the truth about what really happened – and why she should never take Scott back.

Dear Helen,

‘Like you, I’ve been cheated on by boyfriends before and felt sick when I found out.

‘I want to take this opportunity to explain that I’d never do that to another woman – I think it’s Scott who’s been naughty.

‘I met Scott in Cannes while he was on a lads’ holiday on a yacht a few weeks ago.

mates accidentally sprayed champagne over my friends 
and came over to apologise.

‘We all got chatting. I didn’t recognise him at first.

‘He seemed so shy and boyish, I thought 
he was in a boy band, not a Premier League footballer dating one of the sexiest women in the world.

‘I’d read about your relationship in the media, so when I eventually found out who he was, I asked Scott if you still lived together.

‘When he replied: “Half-half”, 
I pushed him further and asked if you still had stuff there.

‘He said: “Some,” but was very vague.’

Now made several attempts to contact Scott, but he didn’t return our calls. 

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Read Donatella Panayiotou’s full letter to Helen Flanagan about Scott Sinclair in this week’s Now magazine dated 8 July 2013 – download the digital edition now!


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