First Kate Moss, now Carla Bruni. What do they see in Pete Doherty?


He’s got a class A drug addiction, a rehab bill longer than Charlie Sheen‘s bar tab, decaying teeth and the filthiest, most nicotine-stained fingers we’ve seen since Fagin.

So why do some of the world’s most desirable women feel drawn to googly-eyed grubster Pete Doherty?

The wild boy of indie last week revealed he’d struck up an odd friendship with former supermodel and First Lady of France Carla Bruni, 43.

She sent the junkie jailbird a letter asking to meet him and the twosome have now become France’s most unlikely BFFs after bonding over their love of poetry and music.

And she isn’t the first model 32-year-old Pete has managed to charm.

In fact, the former Libertines and Babyshambles frontman has managed to get a ring on the finger of not one but two supermodels.

Just what is it about the 6ft 2in scruff bag that makes sexy women go weak at the knees?

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