The telly presenter annoyed A LOT of people on Twitter

Eamonn Holmes has been forced to apologise after receiving huge backlash on social media following a post he wrote about the recent Manchester terror attack.

The This Morning presenter angered Twitter followers when he branded Chief Inspector Ian Hopkins ‘PC Plod’ after watching the officer’s televised statement about the suicide bombing which killed 22 innocent victims at an Ariana Grande concert.

Expressing his sadness over the horrific incident, the 57-year-old live tweeted in the early hours of Tuesday morning as the news was breaking.

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He told his 946k followers: ‘19 people dead – probably kids killed four and a half hours ago and PC Plod of Greater Manchester Police adds no narrative to what happened.’

Later, the telly star followed it up with: ‘Totally unilluminating statement from The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester. We are none the wiser after that.’

Before adding: ‘Treating the British public like idiots.’

Eamonn later deleted the first tweet, but that didn’t stop fans laying into the presenter for his comment, with one furious user writing: ‘He chose worst possible time to engage in petty name calling to boost his social media profile ‘Chief PC Plod” lots of folk seem to agree!’

Another slammed: ‘What! 20 people dead. Investigation – early stages. Police & others risk their lives. U said “PC plod adds no narrative” Insensitive!’

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While a third agreed: ‘You sit back in comfort on your high horse, whilst members of the emergency services deal with things you can’t ever imagine!’

Following the online outrage, Eamonn took to social media again to explain his comments as he said: ‘Pity everyone is missing the point about what was known and released and when. Families need answers.’

Showing his support for the authorities, the star continued: ‘No bigger supporter of The Police than me…Too many people making emotionally wrong interpretations – maybe myself included. Families first.’

However after getting rid of his original tweet, the Irish star did apologise to ‘all offended’, writing: ‘If that is the case then I apologise. Don’t enter into a debate about Tweets about Tweets. I am not the enemy here. To all offended -Sorry.’

‘He has his job to do so have I. Timing not right. I apologise.’

But Eamonn’s not the only celeb who’s faced backlash in the wake of the atrocity.

Kim Kardashian was branded ‘insensitive’ after sharing a pic of her and sister Kendall partying with Ariana Grande, with the caption that ‘concerts are supposed to be a safe place where u can let loose & have fun,’.

Many social media users accused her of making the attack all about herself by using a snap where she’s in the centre – and the reality star soon deleted the photo.