The #GeneralElection just made everyone's day worse

After a long four-day break from our screens thanks to the Bank Holiday weekend, This Morning fans were no doubt excited to tune in their favourite show today.

But they were left sorely disappointed after Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and the TM crew were forced off the air mid-show – and they didn’t hold back in tweeting their frustration.

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The shock move came as Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to hold a general election on 8th June, with hosts Eamonn and Ruth handing over to ITV News and then releasing a video on Twitter to update viewers on what was happening.

“Well that was a bit of a surprise,” said Eamonn. “We are now off air with This Morning with the news that there is going to be a general election of June 8th.

The couple also revealed the confusion the decision had caused, with Eamonn unsurely saying: “ITV news is now on until half past twelve, or for the rest of the day.”

Wife Ruth added: “We’ve now got to decide what we do, because obviously all out guests were lined up for today’s show. So if they’re not going back we might pre-record a couple of interviews, because the people are already here and it seems a shame to let them go.

“So we’re just waiting, we’ve got lots of people taking in our ears, letting us know what’s going to happen. Watch this space.”

The move prompted a range of emotions from This Morning fans on Twitter, with some getting mad, some bemoaning politics ruining their daytime TV schedule, and some just getting downright upset.

One angrily posted: ‘My morning is ruined, I sit and watch #thismorning and then get up and do stuff afterwards. F**king PM ruined that.’

Another added: ‘They’ve cancelled @thismorning for this #GeneralElection crap? it’s all we’ll be hearing all bloody day 😭 #ThisMorning’

A third viewer wrote: ‘I’m really disappointed that this election news has taken over my quality @thismorning time 💔’

And they were’t alone…

Meanwhile, rather than sitting around twiddling his thumbs, This Morning favourite Rylan Clark-Neal offered to turn roving reporter with this jokey tweet…

Ry meets May – now that we’d like to see!