Fans of the show are not impressed with the presenters

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have faced A LOT of backlash for their recent interview on This Morning.

The husband-and-wife duo – who are currently filling in for Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby – sat down for what was set to be a very emotional interview with the parents of little boy, Charlie Gard.

Eight-month-old Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition and after raising £1.2million to send him to America to receive ‘groundbreaking’ treatment –  his mum and dad, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, have been left heartbroken after a High Court judgement ordered that their son should be allowed to die.

Viewers were not impressed with Ruth and Eamonn’s latest interview [ITV]

But as the devastated couple discussed the courts decision not to allow their son to receive the treatment in America, ITV viewers slammed Eamonn and Ruth for their ‘insensitive’ questions.

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After Connie explained that she sometimes stays at Great Ormond Street hospital until 4am in the morning with her son, Ruth asked the couple: ‘Have you let yourself even imagine turning off that life support machine and eventually having to agree with the medical professionals?’

To which Connie replied: ‘No, not when he’s so stable.’

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When Ruth then went on to suggest that the new treatment might not be able to help Charlie, Connie replied: ‘You’d only know if you were at the hearing… there’s no guarantee that it will help – but theoretically it should.’

Viewers flooded i to support heartbroken parents, Connie and Chris [ITV]

And loads of Twitter users were quick to criticise the interview with many blasting the pair as ‘insensitive’ and even ‘disgusting’.

One annoyed viewer wrote: ‘Couldn’t of been more insensitive if they tried!! Those poor parents x’, while another added: ‘Genuinely hard to watch interview, no compassion, empathy shown whatsoever, one sided.’

A third said: ‘disgusting how you’ve treated Connie and Chris this morning, you should be ashamed!! I ain’t watching you again, vile interview’.

While a fourth said: ‘Hugely unfair interview to Charlie Gards Parents! #FightForCharlie x’.

Despite the ‘uncomfortable’ interview, Chris and Connie state that they now plan to appeal the High Court’s decision and have asked for a two month trial period on the new medication to see if their son improves.

This is really sad stuff, and we send our love to the whole family.