Rapper Timbaland says he would never take his own life


Timbaland has rubbished reports he tried to commit suicide yesterday morning.

The rapper’s family contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after he fled his Malibu home following the reported theft of his £2million watch.

But Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, says everything was blown out of proportion, explaining that he only went for a drive to clear his head.

‘I don’t know what people are talking about. Why would I commit suicide?’ he said on Ryan Seacrest‘s US radio show. 

‘Stuff did happen. It wasn’t a watch [that was stolen]. It was something else… Only thing I did was take a drive to see how my head is.’

Police officers eventually tracked Timbaland, 39, down on the nearby Pacific Coast Highway, where he reassured them everything was fine.

‘The officer pulled me over, he just had to do procedures,’ he added.

‘I snapped, “Who the heck reported something like that? No, why would I commit suicide?”‘