Several hurt contestants have been forced to pull out of the show and it’s sparked quite a reaction


The Jump has now seen FOUR of its celebrity contestants forced to leave the show due to injury and it’s sparked calls for it to be axed.

Viewers have been left stunned by the recent spate of accidents on the Channel 4 programme, with Linford Christie the latest star to bow out due to pulling a hamstring. He hopes to be back for next week’s show after treatment though.


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Meanwhile gymnast Beth Tweddle suffered a particularly serious incident this week when she injured her back in a crash and is due to have surgery on it.

This comes after both Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and actress Tina Hobley also had to leave following accidents, with Rebecca hurting her shoulder and Tina suffering a dislocated elbow and two fractures to her arm.

It’s shocked many telly fans watching the series and several think it might be time to call it quits before any other stars are hurt.

‘How many more people have to get injured before they realise #TheJump is a dangerous show and someone’s gonna get severely injured???’ one fan posted on Twitter, whilst one added: ‘Too many contestants are hurting themselves on The Jump it’s time to cancel it I think #TheJump #RealityCheck’

Another wrote: ‘I agree with the viewers who feel #TheJump has gone far enough. There’s nothing entertaining about 3 hospitalisations in 2weeks.’

Celebrity viewers have been outraged by the injury rate on the show too.

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Casey Batchelor Tweeted: ‘This show is so bloody dangerous! How many can get taken out in one show jheezzee!! #celebritiesdroppinglikeflies #thejump’

Meanwhile Sky News presenter Kay Burley posted: ‘’Routine back surgery’ for Beth Twedell; dislocated shoulder for Becks Adlington and fractured elbow for @TinaHobley #seriously #TheJump’

Former skier Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards has now voiced his concerns about the programme.

‘They have got to look at ways to make it safer for the celebrities or someone is going to pull the plug on the show,’ he tells The Mirror. ‘They won’t be able to afford the insurance cover on these guys.’

Channel 4 have defended the show amidst the controversy though and stress that all contestants have been given training.

‘All events are planned with thorough health and safety procedures in place and the competitors safety is always of the utmost importance,’ the channel says in a statement.

‘There will always be an element of risk when competing in winter sports but all competitors undergo rigorous training and instruction with health-and-safety experts present. No competitor is cleared to take part unless the trainers deem their ability as proficient.’

Anna Francis