The Shameless star has completely transformed her look

Though she’s been known as a plus-size star for the majority of her time in the limelight, Tina Malone has spent the past few years reinventing her entire look, and has now managed to slim down to a size six.

However, she’s now spoken out about the public response she’s received following her weight loss – and apparently, it hasn’t all been positive, in the slightest.

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Former Shameless actress Tina had a gastric band fitted in 2010, and with a decision to eat healthily and exercise, she’s made a major change in her life. Going from a size 28 at 19st 2lbs, to a size 6 at 7st 6lbs doesn’t seem like an easy feat – but apparently, not everyone has had positive things to say about her overhaul.

‘I’ve had more stick over being thin than I’ve had for anything I’ve ever done in my life,’ she revealed to Closer magazine on Tuesday. ‘From being pregnant at 50, to having a gastric band.

‘When you want to lose weight, everyone supports you, but when you actually do it, they all attack you! I don’t think anyone thought I’d actually do it.’

Tina on This Morning, Aug 2016

Tina on This Morning, Aug 2016

Along with her weight-loss, 53-year-old Tina has spent £50,000 on plastic surgery procedures to optimize her new image, including a boob job, tummy tuck, Botox and a facelift.

And it seems as if she’s never been happier – she also spoke on her plans to renew her vows with husband, Paul, 34, as well as her joy at realizing how far she’d come on her weight-loss journey.

‘When I tried on a size 6 dress last week and looked in the mirror, I couldn’t help it – I just cried! I was so shocked and happy, I couldn’t keep it in.

‘I was overweight for so long, so now it’s hard for me to adjust and accept that I look so different now. It’s the end of a six-year journey and I’m thrilled with the results. I had Botox recently, too, so my face looks phenomenal!’

We’re glad to hear she’s feeling so good about herself!