Actress didn't realise she was expecting co-star's baby


Tina O’Brien says she was worried when she found out she was pregnant because she’d been drinking alcohol.

The former Coronation Street actress discovered she was expecting her co-star Ryan Thomas baby in April.

But she says it was completely unplanned.

‘When I first took the pregnancy test and it came up positive it was a massive shock,’ she says.

‘But suddenly I was like, “God, I have to make sure it’s okay.” I’d even been drinking loads before!’

Despite their initial shock, Ryan, 24, says it was meant to be.

‘When we first found out, we did think, are we ready?’ he tells OK!

‘But all I know is I want to be with Tina for the rest of my life and Tina hopefully wants to be with me for the rest of her life and we definitely want to have a baby together.’

Tina, 24, is due to give birth early next year. She has been dating Ryan for 5 years.

Alison Adey