TOWIE couple James ‘Arg’ Argent and Lydia Bright can’t keep their hands off each other

We know that the TOWIE lot aren’t ones for being reserved, but we think we might have just found the line for over-sharing. And we think James ‘Arg’ Argent has just got in his car and driven straight over it.

The 27-year-old has been winning at life of late. He got his life back on track after admitting himself into rehab, he’s raised a load of cash doing a trek for charity, got back together with his girlfriend Lydia Bright, and lost a whole lot of weight too. Go on Argy!

But it seems the shedding some extra pounds has not only done wonders to his health, but also for his love life.

‘[Lydia’s] noticed a huge difference in my body. Our sex life is amazing. It’s got much, much better since we got back together. It’s because I feel more confident.’

TMI alarms are going off in our head.

On a recent photo shoot with Reveal magazine, Arg revealed that 25-year-old girlfriend Lydia can’t seem to keep her hands off his new bod.

‘I can tell she fancies me more now. She doesn’t stop kissing and cuddling me and we’re very active in certain ways.’

Active in certain ways, eh?

‘It is very much like she’s proud of me now. I’m more confident in the relationship.’

Aw – we’re glad to hear that!

The TOWIE couple had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their seven year on-off relationship. Arg had cheated on Lydia in the past, and he also suffered from anxiety, depression and a drug problem, which he had to book himself into rehab for last Christmas.

But earlier this year in April, the pair reunited, and they’ve even moved in together now!

‘We wake up in the morning and she’s lying there next to me. We can spend quality time together, even if it’s chilling out on the sofa watching movies.’

Seems like they might not be quite out of the woods yet though.

Filming the new series in Marbella, the drinks have been unsurprisingly flowing, and Arg may not have been able to stay away from it. And when they got back together, Lydia said it was all on the condition that it wouldn’t happen again, after speaking about how embarrassing and covering up for his alcohol problems were ‘hard work and draining’.

Maybe it’s a TOWIE curse?!

‘The TOWIE curse is nerve-wracking, but I think we can beat it!’ Lydia said. And her other half agreed, saying: ‘A lot of people have broken up on the show because it is a lot of pressure. We’ve done the revolving door too many times – this time our relationship is for keeps.’

In a recent pic that Lydia shared on Instagram, things seem to be just hunky dory. With the pair cuddling up in the sun, she captioned it: ‘First day of filming. Let the bants begin. #WifeLife #TOWIE #Marbs’

WifeLife hey? We hear the distant sounds of wedding bells…

With Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s wedding over, we need another showbiz wedding to look forward to!

Amy Lo