YouTuber and MTV star Todrick Hall performed a Taylor Swift medley that left her speechless


Taylor Swift is just the popstar that keeps on giving.

As if shaking it off with the cutest little boy and bringing everyone who’s anyone on stage with her on her 1989 world tour (we’re just eagerly waiting for her introduce Ryan Adams on stage after his epic version of her album) – she’s now bought some amazing talent into everyone’s life.

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Todick Hall, better known to the online world as toddyrockstar, is a singer, perfomer, dancer, MTV star and all-round fierce babe who’s dropping with talent.

So when he posted a video of a medley of all of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits, we of course ran straight to our laptops – if it was going to be as amazing as the Beyonce one he did, we knew we were in for a treat!

We of course weren’t disappointed. There was arm-oreography. There were flawless vocals and a big of serving of sass. Oh, and not one, but four Todricks. Oh, what a treat.

And we’re not the only one to be left with our jaws dropping wide open, as TayTay herself tweeted about Todster’s epic video.

Todrick, of course, freaked out (we would’ve done the same) and tweeted her back saying that his night was MADE: ‘You have no idea how you’ve just made my entire ngiht!’ And before you know it, he’s doing the split with Taylor Swift. Yes really.

After seeing his video, she invited him to her show, he posed in front of her tour bus, and then just chilled out with with is new BFF.

Todrick Hall currently has his own show on MTV in America, and his YouTube channel – which is home to many a viral video – has got over 1.7 million subscribers.

All this from a guy who once auditioned on American Idol to be told be Simon Cowell that he was just a ‘dancer who can also sing.’ Ouch. You show that ol’ SiCo what he’s missing out on Toddy!

Right, if you need us, we’ll be playing listening to this 4Taylor medley for the 539034th time today.

Amy Lo