Second time lucky?

Love Island alumni Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson are about to experience the most awkward reunion EVER as they both sign up to Celebs Go Dating.

And, according to an insider, things could be about to get a bit awkward for the pair as they prepare to come face-to-face for the first time since ending their relationship in January.

‘This is going to be pretty awkward for Megan and Wes. They haven’t spoken much since they broke up, but now they’re going to be reunited and it’ll all be on camera,’ the source revealed.


wes nelson

‘Megan and Wes will have to see each other when the dating agency arranges matchmaking events’.


You might recall their relationship started to crumble when Wes signed up to Dancing on Ice back in January. And it’s not like their break-up was civil…

Wes’ ice partner, Vanessa Bauer, rubbed Megan up the wrong way when she announced she had split from her boyfriend on the day of her first performance with Wes – which Megan called ‘tactical’.

The pair ended up having a very public feud and days later Wes and Megan split.

There were lots of tears (mainly from Love Island fans up and down the country who had been rooting for the couple) and although there was a brief spat about their pet hamster – no we’re not joking – the split was said to be a ‘mutual’ decision.

Wes admitted he still harboured feelings for Megan, but wasn’t convinced they’re meant to be together.

‘Of course I still love Megan,’ he said. ‘You can’t just drop the feelings after a week of being split up, but loving someone doesn’t mean that they are the right person for you.’

Megan and Wes aren’t the first former couple to end up together at the Celebs Go Dating agency. Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks starred in the same series earlier this year and actually ended up burying the hatchet. Aw!

Celebs Go Dating

‘I feel like out of this whole thing, what I’ve gained is a good friend,’ Pete said in the Celebs Go Dating finale.

And Megan agreed, saying: ‘I just never thought in a million years, that me and you [would be] in Tenerife on a rooftop bar, actually having a drink and talking nicely. I’m so glad I joined the agency at the same time as you. It feels nice.’

Could Megan and Wes end up as friends? Only time will tell.