After getting through the six chair challenge, one of the boys in Nick Grimshaw's category on X Factor has QUIT the show

He gained loads of fans and love when he sang a virtual duet with Jessie J on a singing app Smule, and just last week, his dreams came true Elle DeGeneres made that dream a reality when he went on her chat show and was surprised by performing with Jessie herself live.


But now, after getting through the most stressful musical chairs game in the world, Tom Bleasby has QUIT the X Factor.

The 19-year-old decided to drop out of the show due to ‘personal reasons’, after getting a seat on the six chair challenge in Nick Grimshaw‘s Boys category over the weekend

The Leeds lad has wished the rest of Boys in Grimmy’s group ‘the best of luck’ and said thanks to the public for their support.

But despite leaving our screens, we may be seeing Tom earlier than we think, as he was already confirmed to appear in a Soccer Six game, which is happening on the first night of the X Factor live shows. And this was confirmed even before news of his departure broke. Huh?! Yeah, we’re confused too.

Reports from Insiders for the Daily Mirror have claimed that he’s quit due to self-confidence issues, which he’s talked about before when he was talking to Ellen.

He revealed that he was bullied at school and even up singing just in his room due to his insecurities: ‘I sound a little bit different to what you may expect me to sound like.’

And he seemed to have made that clear when he tweeted ‘you are literally watching on TV the worst experience of my life’, when his six chair challenge was aired on The X Factor.

But he didn’t seem too nervous when he was singing a live duet with the multi-award winning singer – they even went out for a cheeky dinner together afterwards, as he posted photos with Jessie to his Facebook, saying: ‘A big thank you to Ellen Degeneres and JessieJ for an amazing experience yesterday.

‘And also thank you to Jessie for taking me to dinner and giving me such valuable advice…such a talented and generous lady.’

There doesn’t seem to be any grudges held between him and mentor Grimmy though, as on his Breakfast Show on Radio 1 this morning, Nick said that it’s better he made this decision now, rather than further down the line.

‘Fair play on him doing that because if your heart’s not in it and you’re not confident and you can’t do it and whatever his reason it – that’s the best decision to do isn’t it?’

Nick even tweeted his support out to Tom, to which Tom replied saying ‘Thank you nick, I really appreciate it’, as well as joking that Tom probably doesn’t need him now that he’s got Jessie J as a celeb fan: ‘Do you think he’s thought “you know what? I’ve been on Ellen – who needs Grimshaw?’

Decisions on what will happen to Nick’s category and whether he’ll bring back another contestant, will be confirmed in the upcoming next few days, with the judges houses taking place on Friday.

WOW! Look how much the X Factor judges have changed over the years…