The secret clause that could drag up details of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' dramatic marriage split

You’d expect the life of an A-lister’s offspring to be a bit extravagant. Designer clothes, all the toys and gadgets you could imagine, endless luxury holidays… But a US magazine has claimed that Katie Holmes is planning to take her ex-husband Tom Cruise to court to increase the amount of support he pays her to keep their nine-year-old daughter Suri in the lifestyle she’s used to.

The reason for her drastic action is said to be down to a hidden clause in Tom and Katie’s divorce papers that allows her to modify her child support order – agreed at an estimated $400,000 (£260k) a year when they divorced in 2012 – after a three-year period.


An insider claims: ‘While Katie’s taking every acting job that comes her way, she’s struggling to keep her and Suri living the lifestyle that Tom’s fortune afforded. Suri’s getting older and it’s more expensive for her to travel across the country with Katie, as well as continue with dance, skating and music lessons, clothes and tutors.’

If Katie, 36, decides to proceed, it could air personal details about 53-year-old Tom’s finances and his relationship with his daughter. He’s faced criticism in the past that he hasn’t spent as much time with Suri as Katie would like and he hasn’t been publicly pictured with his daughter since their trip to Disney World in August 2012.


But Tom furiously denies the allegations, insisting that regular meetings away from any paparazzi have taken place and that he often catches up with his daughter on the phone. ‘I didn’t abandon her [Suri] emotionally, physically or otherwise,’ Tom said.

While Tom’s a devotee of the Church Of Scientology, Katie’s said to have insisted on a clause in their divorce papers that would prevent Suri from being exposed to anything Scientology related. In a previous legal battle in 2013, Tom even admitted that one of the reasons the marriage ended was that Katie wanted to protect their daughter from the religion.

So could the possibility of Katie trying to get more money from her ex bring the whole drama
back to haunt them both?